About Hot Bricks


The Modified Mini Car Club of SA was formed in 1973 and is one of two mini clubs in Adelaide. “Hot Bricks” was soon adopted as the club’s name as a homage to hot minis.


Hot Bricks welcomes people with classic and new minis, as well as mini derivatives such as Mokes. We cater to all aspects of Mini ownership, including motorsport, social gatherings, car restoration, and modification.


Hot Bricks members are made up of people from all walks of life, younger and older, men and women. Some members are just starting their mini journey, while others have a longstanding love of minis. We are a diverse and inclusive club who love to share our mini passion with other fellow enthusiasts and would-be enthusiasts alike. It is rare to meet someone who doesn’t have some sort of connection to, or story about a mini!


Many club members participate in various motorsport events as such motorkhana, hillclimb, regularity events, historic race meetings as well as racing in Sports Sedans. Over the years, Hot Bricks members have enjoyed considerable success with competing and winning in almost all areas of competition.


In addition to motorsport, Hot Bricks also runs a range of social activities including cruises, pub nights, movie/drive in nights and bonfire nights to name a few. Social events are run on a roughly monthly basis.