Driver Development Car



Hi there! I wish I had a fancy name, like Schmicko, or Lightning, or Renee - but the truth is, my name changes with every person that gets in my driver seat.


I am the Hot Bricks Driver Development Car, purchased in 2017 to enable club members who do not have access to a regular competition car suitable for motorsport. To date I have been driven in motorkhanas, super sprints, club cruises and hillclimbs.


I am an R53 200X Mini Cooper S - Supercharged, 4 Cylinder, 1600 cc - 6 speed, manual. The best part about being part of a car club is that I am never short of experienced and qualified club members to ensure that I am serviced regularly, although there is an expectation that everyone that drives me is also involved in ensuring I am ready to be driven competitively - I call it my 'pre-flight checks'.


You do have to be a member to drive me, and there is a cost involved, depending on the type of event:


Super Sprint







Free with car returned washed and full of fuel


The car is garaged at a secure location close to the city. To book me for an event, please contact Mr. President Stuart Cotton, who will sort out the logistics of getting me to and from the event as needed. Priority will be given to Juniors and Rookies.


If you haven't driven me before, the club will nominate a 'club mentor' to walk you through the pre-start checks that need to be done on the day of the event.

  1. Vehicle breakages will be looked at on a case by case basis:
    a) If the breakage is deemed to be driver abuse, there will be an expectation that the driver covers the cost of parts and assists in the repair.

 b) If the breakage is deemed to be a wear and tear item then the cost will be covered by the club, with the expectation  that the driver will assist with the repair.

  1. The car should be returned at the end of the event refuelled with 98 Octane Premium Unleaded and clean.
  2. Drivers are expected to be part of the maintenance process on nominated dates prior to the car being used for each booked event. A log book will be kept on vehicle maintenance.