Historic (Club) Registration


If you own a classic mini/mini derivative and are a club member, you are able to historically register your car through the club. For many members this has significant benefits including a substantial saving on car registration.

For club members who also own non-mini classic cars, these can also be historically registered through the club, when a mini/mini derivative is also on historic registration.

This is a (very) simply 2 step process:


Step One

Submit a copy of registration (or renewal) papers for the vehicle to the Historic Registrar (Neil Turner) along with your drivers license number.

You will then be issued with a MR344 form (using your supplied rego paper details).

You can then take this paperwork to Services SA, who will then register your Mini on Conditional Registration (also known as Club or Historic Registration).


Step Two

Come back to the Historic Registrar with your new rego papers from Services SA, along with $5.00 and you will be issued with a log book to record your daily usage details. 


For members who don't live locally or are unable to attend club meets - 

Post your old rego (or renewal) papers to Neil Turner and include a stamped, self-addressed envelope, which will be used to return the papers and MR344 to you.

After your vehicle is registered at Services SA, post your new papers again to the Historic Registrar, again with a stamped, self-addressed envelope with a $5.00 note included and you will receive a completed log book & papers in the mail.


To enable you to legally drive the car you need;


To be a current financial club member (ie. have a current paid-up membership)

Have a stamped, in date log book with the day you're using it filled in

The car to be in roadworthy condition

Current driver's license


Please note: 


Club Rego entitles you to 90 days (24 hours, 12am to 11.59pm) use per year - (ie. If you use the car from 5pm Monday and stay out till 1am Tuesday, that is classified as 2 days use).

Log books last for 3 years, but must be stamped each year, and all log books run to the calendar year (which is why Minis at the Mill is a great time of the year to restamp and reissue log books)

And yes, we will log book your other eligible cars, right after we do your Mini.